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You may be playing golf just for fun with your friends, but when you are on the course, you have to follow proper golf etiquette. Maybe you are playing for fun, but you have to respect other players who are really passionate about playing golf.

Some etiquette is based on common sense while following others will gain reputation among the other golfers. Whenever you are on the course, practice following the proper golf etiquette, even during your vacation.

This gentleman’s game can be a real pleasure for everyone if certain unspoken rules are followed while hitting the ball.

Honesty is expected from all golfers. You have no-one to monitor the way you hit the ball and note down the scores because it is you who is going to record your scores. Maintain a correct score sheet though you can report anything you wish.

You can have digital gadgets that automatically calculate your scores. Golf is not a team game and the etiquette followed by every player makes the game more interesting. The entire group will lose interest in the game when at least one player creates a nuisance on the course.

You have to maintain quiet on the golf course when people are taking their shots. Though you are playing with your friends, you have to keep silent so that every player has the opportunity to concentrate on his game.

Cell phones are not to be used when you are in the course to play the game. If you require the dreaded modern life device, switch it off and keep it in your bag for emergencies only.

Most of the courses and clubs have a dress code for golfers even though stringent rules are not usually specified. The common dress code includes wearing loose pants and golf shoes.

Playing golf is a fun entertainment, but it is not to be played with your jeans on. Apart from the dress code and other rules, check with the clubs to understand the local rules.

Of course, never leave trash on the course. You have to take steps to protect the course and it is your moral responsibility to keep the course as it was.

You should not step into somebody’s line of shot and if your shadow falls on another player’s putting line, you have to move. Stay calm and cool on the course and it is really bad practice to yell at your opponents when they play wrong.

You have to take care of tee time and should not create unnecessary delays. It is important to maintain a good relationship with other players.

You should always reach the course early. Sometimes the courses may follow different rules for scoring and if you don’t know them, you have to suffer when you play the game. When you arrive early, you will have time to get acquainted with the course.

You can also have some friendly chat with other players. More importantly, you can get the help from a caddie. He can give you some nice golf playing tips that you normally miss out on! It pays to know and follow proper golf etiquette!

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