Understanding Golf Swing Basics – Help for Beginners

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Many golfers find that once they start to play the game it becomes much more than a simple pastime, it becomes an obsession. Millions of people around the world are fans of the sport, and beginners and seasoned athletes alike often ask the same question.

“How can I improve my golf swing?” For beginners learning to get a better swing usually involves reviewing the fundamentals and incorporating the correct equipment.

Visualization is a great way to improve your golf technique because it allows you to think about how the ball will move in the air, how speed and trajectory affect the path the ball will take.

Use visualization to think about where you want the ball to land. As you get ready to take a shot you should be thinking of your body as stored energy, you want 100% of this energy focused into having the perfect swing, allowing your ball to go farther.

The motion of your arms should create a circle as they travel back behind your head, keep your arms steady and do not allow your elbows to lock. The focus of your head is on being the center of this circle so keep it steady.

For best results, you should keep your head straight but with your eyes on the ball, this will help avoid any inconsisties in your shot. Though some golfers may choose to keep their heads down, tucked into their chins this makes it much easier to hit your shoulder and send your shot wide.

Golfers should relax their muscles and practice good posture by getting into the address position before a shot.

The most important aspect of your swing is the backswing, to keep the backswing from becoming jerky or rushing through to hit the ball, think of your movements as smooth. Slow down if you need to; there is no rush to hit the ball.

As you swing back and forward your entire body is involved in the motion. As your hands, arms, shoulders and hips rotate; the power of the move should be coming from your core. When you bring your shoulders down for the follow through you will release the stored energy in your body.

Golfers with consistent problems with their swing may need to follow through with their swing once they impact the ball.

Many golfers tend to look up and follow the ball with their eyes instead of carrying out the swing. Instead, keep your movements smooth and open up your shoulders after impact allowing your elbows to come out in front of your body.

Beginning golfers may flick their wrist when swinging the club, causing the ball to rear off to the left or the right. You can prevent a hook or a slice by keeping your wrist stiff when impacting with the ball.

As you complete the swing check your body position to test. If your swing was correct, most of your weight should now be on resting on your left foot and the sole of your right foot should be exposed.

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