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If you are looking to take your golf swing to the next level and get off 300-yard drives then you need to focus on tips that help you develop your swing power and eliminate the problems that reduce the power of your swing. Golfers can get started driving deep with these tips:

1.  Don’t overdue a weight transfer:
Be careful not to transfer too much weight to your right foot during the backswing. Though some instructors may tell you that most of your weight should be on the right foot during this time, it can cause you to sway, especially if there are any other problems in your form.

A better balance and more natural feel can be experienced by leaving 25% of your weight on your left foot.

2. Transfer all of your weight over: If you’re looking to really drive a shot, then as you shift your weight for the carry through allow all the weight to rest on your forward foot, this will give you maximum power as you connect with the ball.

3. Keep your head straight: During the backswing and follow through the position of your head directly relates to how much power you have to put into the shot. Leave your head straight, but keep your eyes focused on the ball, better yet keep your eyes focused on where you want your ball to go.

4. Let gravity work for you: Once you reach the top of the backswing conserve a little energy by letting gravity work to drop your arms, allowing you to save more power and force for the swing.

5. Get your arm into position when swinging back:
As your left arm swings back it should be occupying the same plane that your right arm was just in. As you downswing your right arm should be bent at the elbow. This will allow better connection with the ball, and prevent hitting wide.

6. Use the right club for the right shot: Take a look at your clubs and woods and you will notice that no two are alike. Some are designed for hitting the ball longer distances and others are for a closer range. By making use of the right club you don’t have too use excessive power to get the ball where you want it to go.

7. Exercise your way to a better golf game: Though golf might not be a contact sport, any serious golfer will tell you that the sport uses the entire body and not just from walking up and down the course. It takes every muscle in your body in order to carry off a swing.

Golfers who develop their muscles for strength and flexibility face less fatigue and are able to provide the longer driving shots.

8. Get in the right position:
Bad posture won’t just hurt the power you have behind a shot it could lead to a serious injury. Standing straight up would not give you the power needed to carry off a shot. Keep your knees slightly bent and relaxed as you swing.

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