Are you a Leftie?

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Right handed golfers are the most profitable market for golf club manufacturers. We can’t blame them for targeting those golfers. However it is rather difficult for left handed golfers to find the selection offered to the main stream players.

There are a few golfers I’ve known who made the change early on.  They trained to play right handed but this is unrealistic for many people.

Playing in the most natural manner possible.  If you are left handed then you should buy that way.  Economics and profitability unfortunately come into play with everything these days. There just is not enough money in the left handed market for manufacturers.

The market is quite small. The percentage of left handed players to right handed players is something like 8 percent. Even so some manufacturers are targeting this niche market. Although the products are often more expensive.

However, wherever there are problems, there is always a silver lining.

I was introduced to an elderly gentleman after a recent tournament. He had been playing on a low handicap and had done so for quite a number of years.

Left handed clubs were mentioned during the discussion. He said that he had started playing left handed intentionally.

He had originally developed some bad habits because he’d had no professional training.

Eventually he got help from a professional. This helped to ease his frustration with his game and inability to source the clubs he wanted. The golf pro told him that he should try playing right handed. The professional gave him the necessary tuition.

This idea was a godsend. The man was able to effectively start from scratch and learn how to play golf without any of the bad technique he had picked up on his own.

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