Are You Better on the Front or Back Nine?

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Paying attention to how you perform through the course of a game can provide you with powerful information. You will be able to analyze and transfer the results the next time you play.

A lot of golfers I have talked who relate their performance on the front nine compared to the way they play on the back nine in most tournaments. There seems to be some consistency in this evaluation method among golfers.

They do not say there is a consistency in their game. They say that the consistency is in the part of the game where they consistently fare worst.

The first nine holes are where some people struggle to get their game right. They then see improvement on the back nine. Still, others start off fine and then fade on the last nine holes.

Half way through the game, it’s like a switch gets flicked. All of a sudden their performance changes in one direction or another.

This always happens for a reason. By targeting that reason some excellent improvements to your score can be made.

Poorer performance most often comes with the second nine holes. This result can be due to a number of factors.

Fatigue and hydration can be some of those factors. Fatigue can also be a result of hydration itself. Addressing these simple factors is easy. Regular intake of water and foods containing some carbohydrates will work to keep your energy levels up.

The first nine holes is the challenge for some people. This is often form tension. People tend to relax later in the game and start playing better. Addressing the problem is easy. You just have to be aware that it is going on and make an effort to relax.

For many people’s game learning relaxation techniques is the best way to go. This will do much more for you than all of the advice in the world. This might be just what you need to take your game to the next level.

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