Constant Small Improvements for Long-term Success

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After you take a shot analyze your game. Take a look at where the ball went and question what you did to get that result.  Improve your game with information and education. Find helpful information from recommended looks and videos.

Get tips from golf professional who know what they are talking professionals who know what they are talking about. However, be cautious of getting advice from friends and playing partners.

There will always be a ton of people willing to give you advice. However, bad advice is much worse than no advice at all.  The ball may not go in the right direction. If it travels somewhere else, check your alignment and see if your final stance is correct.

You may have gone astray for a number of reasons. There is plenty of information on this topic.  Observe the path of your club and look at the ground. After your shot look at the position of your feet. Are your feet having too much movement in the conditions you are playing in.

Maybe your shoes are letting you down. Take a look at the final position of your golf club. Are you gripping the club too hand? Consider how you were holding the club.

Make small improvements throughout play. You should not over analyze during the course of a game. When you notice there are areas that need adjustment, change things at the end of play.

Play consistently and constantly chip away at all aspects of your game. You will be able to see noticeable improvements that take your handicaps to the next level. That is why practice on a regular basis is so important.

The most important practice is in the areas you have the biggest weakness. Driving ranges a lot of fun because you can the ball as far as possible. Better results will come from you practicing improving your short game. Or getting your distance right on the putting green.

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