Improve Your Golf Swing With Simple Practice and Review

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The swing is almost automatic in golf. Just like any other sport involving repetitive action, the longer a golfer has been involved in the sport the less likely he is to pay special attention and work through the fundamentals as he swings.

For golfers with a great swing, their is no problem but for those with a flawed swing a little review, a change of form and exercise can get you swinging pretty.

During the backswing: As the club swings back let it stay slightly lower to the ground, prolonging this moment for as long as possible to get a wider arc.

As you pull your arms away from the ball, pause for a second once your arms are parallel. Check your club head, if you are in the right position they should be at a 90-degree angle from the ground.

At impact: Beginners and long-term players alike can end up losing their form at the point of impact. Instead of completing the arc, they instead choose to look and see where the ball is going, by tensing up at impact they slow down their swing and end up giving the ball less power. Though your eyes should always remain steady on the ball, swing through.

Stop: Practice your backswing and downswing to the point of impact instead of connecting look down at your club face. It should be square to the target if the club face is open then review the fundamentals.

Hit the ball around: Gather together some balls and hit the practice green. Focus on the swing, since its practice where the ball goes does not matter; work on the speed and power with which you impact the ball.

Learn tempo: The golf swing is made up of the address, backswing, downswing and impact but there is a perfect timing that goes along with each interconnecting part of the swing to make it feel natural for the golfer.

Swing drills can help you learn how to make the movement natural. Training aides can also be used to help golfers feel the correct positions as they swing.

Understand how the swing should feel: The professionals know that the power behind a swing comes from the core, practice working through a swing without using your hands or the golf club. Lock your hands against your chest, without your hands you will better be able to feel the pull through the abdomen as you arch around.

Develop your wrist: Strengthen in your wrist can help you during the moment of impact as golfers with weak wrist tend to flip their wrist out and have less control over their club.

Work on your core: Without a twist their is not much to the golf swing and for that twist a developed core that can twist and turn with ease is needed.

Medicine balls are great for developing the muscles in the core and are safe for golfers of all ages and fitness levels. Resistance bands can also be used to practice the movement of the swing indoors and help with developing correct muscle memory.

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