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Golf is a great sport to play regardless of your skill level and beginners and professionals alike can both benefit from learning a lesson or two from golf’s most recognized and awarded player. Tiger wins so many tournaments because his golf game is so consistent.

No you won’t suddenly shave a dozen strokes off your game, but if you learn the elements of Tigers swing, you will definitely take a few points off your strike, achieve better distance when striking balls and save your energy for the swing. Try these tips from the worlds most elite golf player to get the fundamentals right.

1. Address your posture problems: If your spine is bent over too far you could become injured. When carrying the swing through a poor posture also causes you to loose some forward momentum. Move in a little closer to the ball, to give you better connection when swinging your club and to keep your shoulders better aligned.

2. Stance: Tiger keeps his legs spread slightly further than shoulder width apart and keeps a slight bend in his knees. Doing so allows him to have more power when swinging his hips.

3. Pivot your hips: When completing a swing Tiger keeps his knees slightly turned out, this give him better power in his legs and provides for a better weight distribution.

4. Treat your injuries when they occur:
Golf can be wearing to the body. Tiger has undergone several knee surgeries in order to fix a bad knee. If he had continued to play through the pain, when pivoting his hips back he would have to overcompensate for the pain by shifting too much weight to one leg.

Alternatively, he would have to lose power on the backswing in order to avoid putting too much pressure on a weak knee. If you are a serious player, then get your injuries treated now before they do serious harm to your swing and develop into muscle memory.

5. Pay attention to how you hold your hands: Tiger does not center the club between his hips; he lets the club rest against the inner thigh of the forward leg. He also keeps his elbows pointed toward the hips. As he swings this grip allows him to follow through with impact without adjusting his wrist and provides a natural feel.

6. Tilt your upper body:
By changing the position of his upper body, Tiger is able to have more power and control when he hits the ball. A slight tilt tot the right side of the body allows him to keep his shoulders open as he swings.

7. Get your feet into the proper setup:
The time to make compensations for your swing is not during the backswing. By getting your body in proper alignment, you won’t have to swing too hard.

Keep the heel of your left foot lined up with the toe of your right foot. By keeping your feet in this stance as you swing, your right hip will naturally turn in and you will stay in the swing plane.

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