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The golf swing is the most important element of the game, and many golfers often underestimate the value of the swing. Golfers who just pick up a club and swing the ball to hit it can face serious injuries that can kill their enjoyment of the sport.

The swing does not just involving moving your arms to make the club hit the ball; movement in every part of the body is involved. Golfers who have the most strength, flexibility and power have the best swings.

Try these steps to learn the fundamentals involved in improving your golf swing. As you incorporate each into your routine focus on how each movement feels.

Every move should be natural, any sharp pains may be a sign of incorrect posture or the need for a longer warm up to ensure muscles are ready to workout. Once you learn the fundamentals of the right technique for improving your golf swing it becomes automatic. Master the golf swing by trying out these six tips.

1. Mental Game: As you swing the ball, focus on how it feels. The move should be natural and fluid, any aches or pains in your lower back or feeling instable may indicate improper balance and incorrect stance. Visualize hitting the ball with strength and power you should be thinking about where you want the ball to go.

2. Prepare for Impact: The position of your wrist at impact is important for your swing and preventing slicing the ball. As you arms move for the downswing your leading arm is on top as you approach the moment of impact rotate your arms so the trailing wrist is on top of the lead arm.

3. Take some practice shots: If you want to learn to make your swing more consistent, you have to improve your balance. You can work on your balance by bringing your feet together.

By keeping your feet together, you will be able to feel the range of motion better and understand the rhythm needed for the backswing and downswing. Then simply keep this in mind when you resume your normal stance.

4. Use the power in your legs: Most beginning golfers make the mistake of thinking golf is about hitting the ball as hard as they can and they allow all the power to come from their arms, big mistake.

The golf swing makes use of the larger muscles in the body to complete the swing. By using the hips, arms, shoulders, legs and feet your swing has more power behind it.

5. Look at your swing: There are several techniques golfers use to look at and analyze their own swing. Golfers have the option of taking a video camera to the course and watching their swing to look at it later. A simpler trick however is to look at your swing in the mirror.

If you have floor length mirrors in a room and high enough ceilings you can see what areas of your swing need improvement. Print out a few illustrations on the proper swing and tape the wall for guidance.

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