Simple Tips to Improving Golf Swing

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Golf starts and ends with the mechanics of the swing and improving your swing is the single most important way you can improve your golf game. Try some simple tips that remind you to focus on your swing as you play the game.

1. Lower your head: Keep your head away from your chin and your eyes on the ball as you swing. By keeping your head from moving back and forth, you allow the momentum in the swing to go towards the downswing, and by focusing your eyes on the ball, you are able to direct the ball where you want it to go.

2. Relax your shoulders: One of the simplest ways to improve your golf game is to be comfortable when rolling through the swing. Keep your shoulders aligned, and don’t jerk or bend, doing so increases your chances of injury and can give you less power to complete the shot.

As well as reducing the distance your ball travels. To keep the distance the ball travels from being affected by your shoulders allow the move to originate from your trunk.

3. Change your grip:
The power of your swing affects the force at with you can hit the ball and a comfortable grip is the basic of learning to improve your entire golf game.

You can experiment with different grips to test not only for comfort but to see how different grips affect your power and ability to move the ball further. Practice your grip when using different drivers and irons to understand how to adjust your grip based on the club being used and the type of shot.

Golfers can choose between an interlocking, overlapping or baseball style grip. Though rarely used by professionals a baseball grip can help beginners understand the swing.

4. Slow down: Don’t rush to make the shot, especially if you have trouble with your swing rushing through can result in bad muscle memory and make a bad swing even harder to correct.

If you keep making the same mistakes when you take a swing, just pause and slow the movement down, walking through each step in order to get them correct in your mind. Allow other groups to play through if needed instead of rushing and sending your shot into the water.

5. Learn by watching: Look at fellow golfers around you for guidance. Golf is a physical game but there is a large mental challenge to playing golf, more so than in many other sports.

Watching the technique of a fellow golfer on the course, who has more power with his shots can help you better understand where your errors may be originating from and help you better visualize how you want your shot to look.

6. Check your body at impact: During the downswing allow the weight to remain on your rear foot. At the point of impact the weight should have shifted until most of your weight is on the foot toward the target, let it stay there until the shot is finished.

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