Biomechanics for Beginning Golfers

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Beginners to golfing should never get started without understanding the biomechanics behind the golf swing. Biomechanics are the internal and external forces that work on the body when completing a swing, including the movements of the muscles and skeletal system.

If a golfer swings but has no proper understanding of the correct alignment, he increases his chances of being seriously injured. The golfer will also have trouble getting up the right amount of power necessary for completion of a swing.

Simply put biomechanics is about analyzing your swing, breaking it down into individual sections and pinpointing any problems there are. When you swing a club there is an entire rhythm involved as your muscles and joints move in sync in order to carry off the swing and hit the ball.

For beginners there are simple tricks that can be done to make a golfers swing more efficient and powerful. Use these three tips that don’t even require picking up a golf club.

Improved posture

If you tend to carry yourself with your shoulders slumped off the course it is a good chance you do the same movements when on the course. Not only does bad posture make your swing wide and inconsistent, it seriously increases your risk of injury.

Since bad posture causes increased strain on your lower back, golfers with bad posture find they experience muscle fatigue and are unable to carry through with their swing. Overtime this bad posture can result in a bad swing that becomes habitual and will take much more help to fix.

Warm up

The importance of a proper warm up can never be overestimated, regardless of the sport being played. In golf, the muscles are involved in a lot of movement of the swing from the hips to the arms, and the lower back.

The constant repetition of movement can easily cause these muscles to become strained, especially if the muscles are not warmed up beforehand. Increase the flexibility of your swing by warming up for at least 10 minutes before you take a swing.

Core Work

The core of the body needs to be strong to be successful in your golf swing. The core is made up of the group of muscles in the middle of your body, below the chest and above the knees, involving the lower back and sides as well.

A strong core is vital for maintaining the necessary posture, power, range of motion and flexibility found in the best golf swings. Golfers who lack a strong core often compensate by putting too much pressure on other muscles in the body and experiencing lower back pain. Exercises that condition the core help increase the strength in this area of the body.

Remember, all the practice in the world cannot help a beginning golfer who has no practical experience to feel the right way of holding the club and originating the range of motion needed to improve a golf swing.

Consider signing up for a conditioning course or biomechanics instructor that can help you learn the best way to improve your swing.

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Choosing the right golf instructor

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Every golfer needs a golf instructor who teaches the right way to play the game. Without a personal trainer, you cannot develop a success strategy that works for you beyond a certain level. All those popular expert golfers talk about the importance of a right golf instructor.

Though you can use online resources to get online golf training, you need to have a personal instructor to help you devise a success strategy for you.

As golf is a popular game, you can find many people calling themselves golfing experts. You have to hire an expert if you want to give a meaning for the investment you have made in golf.

PGA and LPGA are the key golfing associations that recognize professional golfers. The instructor you choose must be an apprentice or class A member of one of these associations.

These members can be trusted even though experienced trainers charge more. The certified members need to update themselves with the latest technologies and hence, you can expect the best training from these experts.

The instructor must be ready to work with you to identify your perfect game. He must know what you can and cannot do. If you find that the trainer is not interested in listening to you, you should then move to some other person.

It is important to maintain a positive rapport between you and your instructor. If any one of you is not comfortable, breaking the relationship is beneficial for both of you.

Make sure that your instructor introduces new lessons from time to time. Also, he must give you some time to practice the lessons.

Experienced trainers know many tips and tricks that amateurs don’t know. You can use their knowledge to avoid bad mistakes and learn good practices. The learning process must be smooth and gradual and the instructor should be glad to teach you new techniques.

While many trainers charge a substantial amount of money to provide you the training, don’t go with someone who values money more than everything. If your trainer is working with you just for money, you can never get better training.

The instructor must have appropriate and essential learning aids which can help you improve the game. He must be ready to be patient with your faults and work with you on the course. To obtain lower scores, short game skills are required and the trainer must give you inside information on gaming skills.

More than everything, you don’t want a humiliating trainer. If you see your trainer criticizing you often, it is time to look out for someone who really cares for you. The trainer should be able to point to your mistakes, but at the same time, you don’t want him to insult you.

Self confidence is far more important when you play golf, because without confidence, you cannot aim for your target. The golf instructor should be a good motivator, helping you discover your golfing talents. Working with your trainer, you should be able to arrive at a golf plan that works well for you.

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Beginners golfing essentials

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If you have already decided to start playing your golf, congratulations on your decision as you join the world of many passionate players. The first thing that you obviously search for is the beginner essentials to start playing the game.

There are several resources to get the best golfing tips. You may talk to your friends, colleagues and relatives who are experienced golf players.

When you start hearing advice, be prepared to hear conflicting statements. This is because achieving a better golf swing is more customized to the individual player. You can use the internet to gather useful resources and the forums are the best places to start with.

To play the game of golf, you first have to learn the rules of the game. When you join a golf club, you will be given ample information about the rules and game play. Don’t start with searching for playing tips if you don’t know the basic rules.

Next, you have to learn golfing etiquette before you head to the golf course. This is essential because though you have to play individual games, you must get along with other golfers on the course. Golf is an individual game which can be more fun if you know what a team is.

Your attitude is important when you play golf. When you are on the course, you will have several experienced golfers in your team. You don’t have to be worried about what others will think about the way you play the game.

You are a beginner and you should develop a positive attitude about the way you drive the ball. You will make mistakes with your swing, but don’t bother about them. You can only learn from your mistakes. Make sure that you sound and play confident on the course.

Learning a good golf swing is essential especially for beginners. You have to remember the golfing terms, concentrate on positions of heads, hands, club, eyes, and shoulders before you swing the ball.

Practice can only help you master the game. Several golf swing resources can be obtained, but make sure that you don’t imitate a popular player. You have to develop your own style in driving the ball.

Concentration and focus are essential when you play golf. Don’t go the golf course just because you have to. If you don’t have concentration on your game, you will surely waste your time on the course.

The most essential thing for a beginner golfer is a physical trainer who can teach you the right way to play the golf. While selecting a trainer, make sure that you hire an expert.

Professional trainers will charge more dollars per hour, but this will be the best investment for your golfing career. You can also get online training and tips to improvise the game. Learn to use software that helps you analyze your game play.

Your trainer should not be someone who just watches your play. He must be able to identify your mistakes and take steps to correct them. You need to get mental as well as physical training to start off your golfing career as a good player.

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Proper golf etiquette

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You may be playing golf just for fun with your friends, but when you are on the course, you have to follow proper golf etiquette. Maybe you are playing for fun, but you have to respect other players who are really passionate about playing golf.

Some etiquette is based on common sense while following others will gain reputation among the other golfers. Whenever you are on the course, practice following the proper golf etiquette, even during your vacation.

This gentleman’s game can be a real pleasure for everyone if certain unspoken rules are followed while hitting the ball.

Honesty is expected from all golfers. You have no-one to monitor the way you hit the ball and note down the scores because it is you who is going to record your scores. Maintain a correct score sheet though you can report anything you wish.

You can have digital gadgets that automatically calculate your scores. Golf is not a team game and the etiquette followed by every player makes the game more interesting. The entire group will lose interest in the game when at least one player creates a nuisance on the course.

You have to maintain quiet on the golf course when people are taking their shots. Though you are playing with your friends, you have to keep silent so that every player has the opportunity to concentrate on his game.

Cell phones are not to be used when you are in the course to play the game. If you require the dreaded modern life device, switch it off and keep it in your bag for emergencies only.

Most of the courses and clubs have a dress code for golfers even though stringent rules are not usually specified. The common dress code includes wearing loose pants and golf shoes.

Playing golf is a fun entertainment, but it is not to be played with your jeans on. Apart from the dress code and other rules, check with the clubs to understand the local rules.

Of course, never leave trash on the course. You have to take steps to protect the course and it is your moral responsibility to keep the course as it was.

You should not step into somebody’s line of shot and if your shadow falls on another player’s putting line, you have to move. Stay calm and cool on the course and it is really bad practice to yell at your opponents when they play wrong.

You have to take care of tee time and should not create unnecessary delays. It is important to maintain a good relationship with other players.

You should always reach the course early. Sometimes the courses may follow different rules for scoring and if you don’t know them, you have to suffer when you play the game. When you arrive early, you will have time to get acquainted with the course.

You can also have some friendly chat with other players. More importantly, you can get the help from a caddie. He can give you some nice golf playing tips that you normally miss out on! It pays to know and follow proper golf etiquette!

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Understanding Golf Swing Basics – Help for Beginners

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Many golfers find that once they start to play the game it becomes much more than a simple pastime, it becomes an obsession. Millions of people around the world are fans of the sport, and beginners and seasoned athletes alike often ask the same question.

“How can I improve my golf swing?” For beginners learning to get a better swing usually involves reviewing the fundamentals and incorporating the correct equipment.

Visualization is a great way to improve your golf technique because it allows you to think about how the ball will move in the air, how speed and trajectory affect the path the ball will take.

Use visualization to think about where you want the ball to land. As you get ready to take a shot you should be thinking of your body as stored energy, you want 100% of this energy focused into having the perfect swing, allowing your ball to go farther.

The motion of your arms should create a circle as they travel back behind your head, keep your arms steady and do not allow your elbows to lock. The focus of your head is on being the center of this circle so keep it steady.

For best results, you should keep your head straight but with your eyes on the ball, this will help avoid any inconsisties in your shot. Though some golfers may choose to keep their heads down, tucked into their chins this makes it much easier to hit your shoulder and send your shot wide.

Golfers should relax their muscles and practice good posture by getting into the address position before a shot.

The most important aspect of your swing is the backswing, to keep the backswing from becoming jerky or rushing through to hit the ball, think of your movements as smooth. Slow down if you need to; there is no rush to hit the ball.

As you swing back and forward your entire body is involved in the motion. As your hands, arms, shoulders and hips rotate; the power of the move should be coming from your core. When you bring your shoulders down for the follow through you will release the stored energy in your body.

Golfers with consistent problems with their swing may need to follow through with their swing once they impact the ball.

Many golfers tend to look up and follow the ball with their eyes instead of carrying out the swing. Instead, keep your movements smooth and open up your shoulders after impact allowing your elbows to come out in front of your body.

Beginning golfers may flick their wrist when swinging the club, causing the ball to rear off to the left or the right. You can prevent a hook or a slice by keeping your wrist stiff when impacting with the ball.

As you complete the swing check your body position to test. If your swing was correct, most of your weight should now be on resting on your left foot and the sole of your right foot should be exposed.

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Golf Brands

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Are certain brands of golf gear better than others? Are some too overpriced? Yes, they are. When it comes to golf equipment and their different brands, some are definitely better than others. How can you tell?

The best way to check out golf brands is to do your homework. Look into a magazine or website that offers a wide range of golfing equipment and their consumer ratings. This way you can look at several different types and you will be able to see what the rate of their performance is.

Consumer Reports and some other magazines of that nature are good places to look. Another good place to look is in golfing magazines. Be aware though that if you look at one of those types of magazines you need to look into the ones that are not so pricey.

Why is that? The really fancy golf magazines are going to show you the much more expensive and designer type of golf brands.

This brings us to another point. Does the more expensive brand mean it is better? No, it does not. Just because something is expensive, does not mean that it is made any better than anything else. In fact, many golf brands are only high priced because of the name. These are the types that you want to avoid.

So how do you know what to look for in golf equipment brands? The key is to find out what brands have been around for a long time and that are very reliable. One of these brands is Nike.

Nike is more of a designer type brand, however it is known for its durability and it has been around for a long time. Another really good golf brand is Odyssey. They both make a wide range of high quality golf equipment.

One golf equipment brand that is higher priced and not so spectacular is Footjoy. They sell other types of golf equipment as well, and although the quality is fairly good, there are other brands with quality that is just as good and which does not cost as much.

Wilson is an excellent brand when it comes to golf equipment! Why? Wilson has been around for a long time and sells numerous items of golfing equipment of very good quality.

Is it a good idea to check out what the professional golf players use? It could or it could not. The reason being is that sometimes golf players use top of the line things, which is good.

They know the game better than anyone else and will use the right equipment. However, sometimes the professionals will buy name brand equipment as well. These types can be pricey.

Going with the brands that have been around for a long time is the best way to go. That way, you know you are getting quality! Choosing these types of brands will guarantee good golfing equipment.

When you play golf, you need the right kind of equipment. Brands that have been around for years and years and which offer you the things you want at a price you can afford are the way to go.

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Golf Slang Explained

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Have you ever found yourself in a conversation with a golf fanatic and found yourself dumbfounded at the jargon that’s used? If you’ve answered a resounding YES, then you’re not alone.

There are hundreds of slang terms used to describe every aspect of the sport which makes it nearly impossible for a non-enthusiast to keep track of them and commit them to memory. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

To help you join in on those once confusing conversations, I have compiled some of the more interesting terms used and defined them in such a way that will hopefully make remembering them an easy task. That way you will understand what others are saying and may even be able to baffle the uninitiated yourself!

Let The Big Dog Eat

When I first came across this term I couldn’t wrap my head around it. It sounds incredibly comical and the number of “use this word in a sentence” examples I could come up with are numerous. The fact is though that the meaning of this term is quite simple.

The Big Dog, also known as the driver (#1 wood), has received its name because it is the largest club in the golf bag. If a player uses this club to tee, he or she is letting the big dog eat. Interestingly with further research I found that this phrase was made popular by the movie Tin Cup.

Oscar Brown

To my surprise, the term Oscar Brown does not refer to the friend you’re going to meet at the club house bar after the game. In fact, Oscar Brown is just a fun way of saying out of bounds. Any out of bounds ball is usually marked with white stakes or noted on the scorecard and is always un-playable regardless of whether or not it can be found.

If your ball is constantly out of bounds when you play golf, I say you go ahead and treat yourself to a drink at the club house bar with my good friend Oscar Brown.


I can’t wait to use this word during my next game of Scrabble. The sheer spelling of the word will surely get it contested. Contest away because it is in fact a word! Sclaff, of Scottish origination, means to scrape or strike the ground with a golf club behind the ball before hitting it.

An example would be “He sclaffed the ground with his club.” I know it’s not the best sentence but you get the gist of it.

So there you have it! These three terms are just the tip of the iceberg in the world of golf jargon but will hopefully help you get your two cents in next time the subject of golf is brought up.

Read and re-read these terms and before you know it, with pure confidence you will be able to say, “I let the big dog eat but ended up sclaffing the ground which caused me to Oscar Brown.”.

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