Improve Your Golf Swing By Thinking Outside The Box

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To get a better golf swing you don’t have to know everything about biomechanics or spend hours conditioning and training your body. Of course, either of these techniques will improve your golf swing and give you more confidence in the sport, but for golfers who are just getting started and are not about their level of commitment it might be an unnecessary expense.

Before choosing to invest in individual classes, pay for videotaping of your swing and biomechanics instruction you can get started with simple mental and physical approaches you may not have thought of before.


One of the great things about watching a professional golfer is the ability to analyze and study his swing. How many times have you watched a professional golfing event and commented on the performance of a player and their swing?

How about admiring the swing of a golfer like Tiger Woods whose swing is fluid but powerful?

Watch major golf tournaments live and analyze the swings of the professionals. Pay attention to how they spread about their hips when originating the move.

Look at the range of motion involved from the backswing to shifting the weight while moving forward and even the grip on the club for clues to making your swing more natural.


Golfers typically develop stronger muscles on the dominant side of their body. Though these muscles are strong, they can lack flexibility and cause an uneven distribution of weight when swinging the ball.

To prevent this problem from occurring or to correct the problem, yoga can help improve the flexibility and symmetry of different muscle groups in the body. Yoga also carries a mental component allowing golfers to relax tensions they carry in the muscles and become more fluid over time.

Positive Thought

If you are the type of golfer who can easily take a practice swing without effort but start to panic when the golf ball goes down improving your golf swing may involve gaining a more positive attitude. Though any sport is physical, golf also has a mental component.

If your begin to panic and let your nerves influence your focus when golfing try replacing your nerves with more positive thoughts.

Learn to visualize and imagine the success you want to achieve in your swing. This technique is powerful because it allows golfers to release the fears that often hold them back from being more consistent.

Look at Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan two men who both became the most acclaimed athletes in their respective sports. How did they become so successful? Talent, but beyond talent each had an unshakeable mental game, with complete confidence in their abilities.

Their is no wrong way to learn to improve your golf swing, some golfers even use hypnosis to up their game. Combine mental and physical elements to get the biggest improvements in your swing.

Remember, the best way to improve your swing in golf is to have fun and just relax when you step up to the ball.

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Do you need golf swing analysis software?

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Every golfer is looking for easy ways to achieve perfect golf swing. Swinging the ball perfectly helps you play the game better. A perfect swing cannot just be taught, but it has to be developed. To achieve a perfect golf swing, you need to position your hands, legs, and body all in the correct lines.

Passionate golfers are aware of the positions, but amateurs find it difficult to incorporate the rules into game play. Perfection can be achieved with proper training and practice.

Golf swing analysis software helps you identify your mistakes when you swing the ball. This software has a major role to play in your golf training program.

It is important to understand that golf swing analysis software cannot replace professional trainers. In fact, expert trainers use similar kinds of software to help the players improve the game. If you are a beginner, you have to get the help from your trainer to use the software so that you can use it after your training lessons.

If you are an experienced player, you can use the software to improve the way you play the game and take steps to get the perfect swing. For any golfer, swing analysis software proves to be useful to drive the ball into the hole in a single shot.

Several golf swing analysis software programs can be found when you search on the internet. You have to look for user reviews and trainer assistance to choose the best software that proves worthy of the money you spend.

Basically, the golf swing analysis software takes a video input of the player’s game and compares it with ideal swing positions. You need to have a camcorder to record your play on the course.

You can then input this video into the software and identify your mistakes. Some of the latest golf swing analysis software uses Bluetooth and other communication facilities to track your performance on the course.

The golf wing analysis software uses the input video and considers it for analysis. Several aspects of your golf swing such as hand position, eye position, body line, swing plane are analyzed. As you use the software, you will know what your fault was.

The direction of your club head and the point at which the club head meets the ball are also deeply analyzed. When you swing the club next time, you can concentrate to correct your mistakes.

While it is not possible to concentrate on each and every part of your swing when you play, you can certainly take steps to practice a perfect golf swing. This will help you develop your own golfing style that is best suited for you.

Beginners can do well with inexpensive golf swing analysis software that performs basic analysis. If you are a professional player, you have to go for advanced software that helps you analyze golf swing speed as well.

At various points such as impact, back swing and follow through, your physical movement has to be analyzed. This analysis reveals the areas on which you have to concentrate while playing.

Once you have the necessary assistance to help you achieve perfect golf swing, you can use the online training lessons and online support to play a better game.

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Improve your golf performance with proper diet

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Just like any athlete or sports person, a golfer has to be fit. Though golf is less physically demanding than some sports, a golfer must have the necessary stamina to stay on the course for a long time. Body fitness can be achieved through proper diet and exercises.

While amateurs take more interest in training the body with golfing exercises, the concept of diet for a golfer is often overlooked. You cannot improve your stamina if you don’t follow a proper diet. For any sports person, a fit body is essential.

Proper golf nutrition is obtained when you eat ample amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and fat. Lot of vitamins and minerals are also needed to activate self repair system to strengthen strained muscles.

To gain instant energy, you should not rely on fast foods or energy drinks. A golfer needs a constant flow of energy throughout the game. Especially when you are playing tournaments, you have to avoid sweets.

Sugar has a tendency to increase the blood glucose level suddenly. This will give you sudden energy, but after some time, a great deal of energy will be lost. You need to have food that is balanced with all nutrients. Each of your meals should contain carbohydrates, protein and fat.

Carbohydrates are often overlooked, but you need carbs to supply energy constantly. Proteins are essential for your muscles. Fat should come from good sources such as ily fish and fried foods should be avoided completely.

You should not eat heavily just before you play, but your breakfast should be rich in all essential nutrients. Excited golfers tend to skip their meals to reach the course early. This is a very bad practice and it will have adverse effects on your game play.

You must eat a balanced meal at least two hours before you play. Don’t experiment with new foods before you play. Prepare your meals with those foods that yu already know suit your body.

Healthy snacking is essential for a golfer. Experts suggest eating 6 meals a day that comprises of two or three big meals and three to four snacks. If you are playing long tournaments such as a 72-hole game, you should snack frequently.

You don’t have to prepare heavy foods for your snack. Some fruits, vegetables, and nuts are enough to supply the energy you need. Take a break, perhaps after 9 holes, to snack lightly.

Hydration is important for a golfer. Always keep your body hydrated before, during and after the game. Loss of weight due to dehydration will have a negative impact on your game. Drink plenty of plain water to hydrate your body.

Drinks such as alcohol and soda are to be avoided as these drinks just dehydrate your body. You can drink fruit juices at any time to hydrate and feel energetic. Avoid using sugar in fruit juices. Beverage carts that you see on the course are not healthy choices.

When you have decided to spend your day on playing golf, make sure that you carry a snack bag. Your bag should contain plenty of water bottles, fruits, vegetables and nuts. That should keep you feeling healthy and happy and at the peak of your game on the golf course.

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The Software Behind A Better Swing

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Golf may not have the intense physicality of football and basketball but it does involve strong muscles and good physical condition. From a scientific approach, golfers have a number of software products that give them feedback and analyze swing problems.

Avid golfers and casual golfers who are serious about improving their swing can find affordable golf analysis programs online to get started. These programs offer a different approach to the traditional practice often used to improve a golfer’s swing.

Video swing analysis programs require you to have a digital camera to record your swing. Once you upload the images to your computer you are provided with a wealth of information, analysis of your swing and advice on how to improve a faulty swing is given.

These programs are designed to judge distance the ball can travel and the projected trajectory.

Programs review the fundamentals of the swing and focus on biomechanics. Being able to see your swing instead of just visualizing can help you make immediate improvements to your technique. On screen bad posture, over swinging and problems with weight shifting are easy to identify.

To analyze your swing using golfing software you can play back different areas of the swing even slowing down frame by frame.

Compare different swings and even compare your swings to PGA players to find what errors you could be making during your swing and learn a different swing technique that could be more suited to your body type.

Programs with multiple versions allow you to use several different cameras to view your swing in different angles. Notice the position of your head at different angles; watch how your body swings through the arc as you swing your club.

Draw shapes to highlight problems with stance, body alignment, the movement of the club head, angles and movement of the hips and spine, even the movement of the ball.

Golf stimulators are another technology that can be used to analyze your golf swing. Real clubs and balls can be used indoors to have fun with the game. The accurate look of the game allows golfers to take the training learned in the stimulation and use it on the golf course as they take a swing.

Golf analysis software is user-friendly golfers with limited computer skills can easily operate the software to learn how to improve their golf swing.

At home, golf swing analysis software is affordable, with many programs offering a limited free trial, allowing you to test out the program and decide if it’s worth the investment. More high tech golf analysis software can be found at golf training centers.

Though it has a ton of uses golf swing software cannot replace the advice on an experienced professional.

For golfers who have no grasp of biomechanics, cannot keep their balance when taking a swing and have no understanding of the different parts that make up a swing lessons with a professional should be their first step. Use professional advice to understand what is going wrong with your swing and to fix the problem.

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Techniques to Help Women Improve Their Golf Swing

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It has been a long time since golf was a game just played by men but for too long most golf instruction seemed to recommend the same stance and golf swing instructions for men as well as women. The problem with this type of instruction is that women and men have fundamentally different bodies.

Women have less muscle in their upper bodies and less muscle strength, though women still have the capacity to hit a ball with great distance and speed.

The techniques that help men improve their golf swings are not natural for women. There are simple steps that any woman golfer can take to develop a better golf swing and create more force.

Change your stance

Women have wider hips then men and should use this to their advantage when playing golf. Women who use the same narrow stance used by man will find it hard to keep their weight balanced when going from the backswing.

Since a woman has a lower center of balance than a man does, opening her hips wider to at least hip width apart gives women a greater range of motion on the backswing and keeps weight from shifting when swinging.

Understanding your body

It is true that women and man have different body types, while men may use more brute force when hitting the ball women need to rely more on proper technique. Pay attention to your swing from the beginning, bad habits are meant to be broken but the longer you hold on to them the more attached and natural they can become.

Keep your head tucked down so your eyes can focus. Look at an area near the ball, instead of directly at the ball as you follow through your swing. Keep your eyes focused on this area for a count of three after connecting with the ball letting you complete the full arc of your swing.

Keep a proper grip on the club

The grip on the club allows your hands and arms to carry through the motions, if one hand is more dominant during the start of the downswing you will be forced to regrip on the downswing and the club will become instable resulting in a swing with much less power than desirable.

Your hands should be gripping the club in a V position and be parallel to each other, while pointing to your chin and shoulder. Some instructors even recommend that women with very small hands should interlock their fingers in order to have a more solid grip.

To get your hands in a V position wrap both hands around the club parallel to each other with the thumbs pressing down on the club. Then take the thumb of the left hand and slide it into the crevice left by the right hand thumb.

This parallel grip will provide more speed and power because your bodies’ energy is not being wasted by the hands and arms opposing each other.

All the advice in the world is useless ladies if you don’t get out their and keep going! When it comes to golf the best way to learn is by doing, keep constantly applying yourself and with consistent practice your swing will naturally improve.

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Add Variety to Your Practice

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Many golfers I see practice the same shots over and over again.  If it is an area that needs concentrated attention this is okay. A shot will get better the more you practice it.

Practicing a shot enough will allow you to virtually do it on autopilot when you are on the course. It is also important to remember that variety will help make you a better all around golfer.

Mastering as many techniques as possible will make you better on competition day. Try new techniques when your practice will help you do this.

Use different clubs or try different techniques along the way. Take the time to observe the results.

You should try adding some spin to the ball. Take note of how this affects it’s flight.

Get different type of golf balls. Pay attention to whether your level of expertise has changed.  Do different ball compressions to see if your skills allow you to get more benefits from them.

You should also consider testing out new golf clubs.  You will need to change your equipment as your game progresses.  Over time, you want to change the clubs you use.  You don’t want to continue playing with the clubs and golf balls you started with.

Getting better equipment will allow you to make shots that weren’t possible before. You will be able to progress to the next level with presence. At that time you can take advantage of this equipment.

Add more backspin to your shots. Observe to see if this helps position the ball better for the next shot. This many offer more control on faster course.

Practice time is an opportunity to experiment and try to broaden your game. This is a great time to experiment with shots. Begin able to add spin to the ball is very important. It might be the difference between hitting a tree and landing on the green.

When it comes to the game of golf you can never learn too much.

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