Accuracy First and Distance Will Follow

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Most beginners just want to hit the ball as far as possible. This is the one thing they have in mind. This mindset is one that many golfers never quite get out of. By not getting out of this way of thinking many golfers will never hot the ball the distance that they are capable of.

Wise golfers will practice for accuracy first. Once they have mastered the art of control they will concentrate on the distance.

If the ball is going got end up on another fairway or in the rough, there isn’t much point in hitting the ball.

If the ball is going to end up on another fairway or in the rough it’s not much point hitting the big yards off the tee.

The following shots will be all the more difficult. This is the only thing you will succeed in doing.

A fairway drive down the center will set up for a better approach shot. Although it will be a few meters shorter. You will also have a lower round score.

You will gain control of your shots by playing with smaller, more controlled wings. In a shorter amount of time you will progress to longer distances faster and correct techniques will be learned. They will hold you in good steed for the remainder of your playing career.

Developing accuracy first will also lengthen the distance of your drives. In fact the ball will be hit further.

Beginning with smaller swings will make it easier to train your body. You will be able to develop the correct actions. These actions are essential to helping you progress to the longer drives.

Over time, as you master your swing you will be able to progress to a full swing. You will know that you will have to control it to hit the ball in the correct direction.

A full swing ad correct action create a combination that will ensure you will hit the ball further. This would not be as likely if you only aimed for the big shots from the outset.

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