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Many golfers I see practice the same shots over and over again.  If it is an area that needs concentrated attention this is okay. A shot will get better the more you practice it.

Practicing a shot enough will allow you to virtually do it on autopilot when you are on the course. It is also important to remember that variety will help make you a better all around golfer.

Mastering as many techniques as possible will make you better on competition day. Try new techniques when your practice will help you do this.

Use different clubs or try different techniques along the way. Take the time to observe the results.

You should try adding some spin to the ball. Take note of how this affects it’s flight.

Get different type of golf balls. Pay attention to whether your level of expertise has changed.  Do different ball compressions to see if your skills allow you to get more benefits from them.

You should also consider testing out new golf clubs.  You will need to change your equipment as your game progresses.  Over time, you want to change the clubs you use.  You don’t want to continue playing with the clubs and golf balls you started with.

Getting better equipment will allow you to make shots that weren’t possible before. You will be able to progress to the next level with presence. At that time you can take advantage of this equipment.

Add more backspin to your shots. Observe to see if this helps position the ball better for the next shot. This many offer more control on faster course.

Practice time is an opportunity to experiment and try to broaden your game. This is a great time to experiment with shots. Begin able to add spin to the ball is very important. It might be the difference between hitting a tree and landing on the green.

When it comes to the game of golf you can never learn too much.

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