Improve Your Golf Swing By Thinking Outside The Box

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To get a better golf swing you don’t have to know everything about biomechanics or spend hours conditioning and training your body. Of course, either of these techniques will improve your golf swing and give you more confidence in the sport, but for golfers who are just getting started and are not about their level of commitment it might be an unnecessary expense.

Before choosing to invest in individual classes, pay for videotaping of your swing and biomechanics instruction you can get started with simple mental and physical approaches you may not have thought of before.


One of the great things about watching a professional golfer is the ability to analyze and study his swing. How many times have you watched a professional golfing event and commented on the performance of a player and their swing?

How about admiring the swing of a golfer like Tiger Woods whose swing is fluid but powerful?

Watch major golf tournaments live and analyze the swings of the professionals. Pay attention to how they spread about their hips when originating the move.

Look at the range of motion involved from the backswing to shifting the weight while moving forward and even the grip on the club for clues to making your swing more natural.


Golfers typically develop stronger muscles on the dominant side of their body. Though these muscles are strong, they can lack flexibility and cause an uneven distribution of weight when swinging the ball.

To prevent this problem from occurring or to correct the problem, yoga can help improve the flexibility and symmetry of different muscle groups in the body. Yoga also carries a mental component allowing golfers to relax tensions they carry in the muscles and become more fluid over time.

Positive Thought

If you are the type of golfer who can easily take a practice swing without effort but start to panic when the golf ball goes down improving your golf swing may involve gaining a more positive attitude. Though any sport is physical, golf also has a mental component.

If your begin to panic and let your nerves influence your focus when golfing try replacing your nerves with more positive thoughts.

Learn to visualize and imagine the success you want to achieve in your swing. This technique is powerful because it allows golfers to release the fears that often hold them back from being more consistent.

Look at Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan two men who both became the most acclaimed athletes in their respective sports. How did they become so successful? Talent, but beyond talent each had an unshakeable mental game, with complete confidence in their abilities.

Their is no wrong way to learn to improve your golf swing, some golfers even use hypnosis to up their game. Combine mental and physical elements to get the biggest improvements in your swing.

Remember, the best way to improve your swing in golf is to have fun and just relax when you step up to the ball.

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Biomechanics for Beginning Golfers

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Beginners to golfing should never get started without understanding the biomechanics behind the golf swing. Biomechanics are the internal and external forces that work on the body when completing a swing, including the movements of the muscles and skeletal system.

If a golfer swings but has no proper understanding of the correct alignment, he increases his chances of being seriously injured. The golfer will also have trouble getting up the right amount of power necessary for completion of a swing.

Simply put biomechanics is about analyzing your swing, breaking it down into individual sections and pinpointing any problems there are. When you swing a club there is an entire rhythm involved as your muscles and joints move in sync in order to carry off the swing and hit the ball.

For beginners there are simple tricks that can be done to make a golfers swing more efficient and powerful. Use these three tips that don’t even require picking up a golf club.

Improved posture

If you tend to carry yourself with your shoulders slumped off the course it is a good chance you do the same movements when on the course. Not only does bad posture make your swing wide and inconsistent, it seriously increases your risk of injury.

Since bad posture causes increased strain on your lower back, golfers with bad posture find they experience muscle fatigue and are unable to carry through with their swing. Overtime this bad posture can result in a bad swing that becomes habitual and will take much more help to fix.

Warm up

The importance of a proper warm up can never be overestimated, regardless of the sport being played. In golf, the muscles are involved in a lot of movement of the swing from the hips to the arms, and the lower back.

The constant repetition of movement can easily cause these muscles to become strained, especially if the muscles are not warmed up beforehand. Increase the flexibility of your swing by warming up for at least 10 minutes before you take a swing.

Core Work

The core of the body needs to be strong to be successful in your golf swing. The core is made up of the group of muscles in the middle of your body, below the chest and above the knees, involving the lower back and sides as well.

A strong core is vital for maintaining the necessary posture, power, range of motion and flexibility found in the best golf swings. Golfers who lack a strong core often compensate by putting too much pressure on other muscles in the body and experiencing lower back pain. Exercises that condition the core help increase the strength in this area of the body.

Remember, all the practice in the world cannot help a beginning golfer who has no practical experience to feel the right way of holding the club and originating the range of motion needed to improve a golf swing.

Consider signing up for a conditioning course or biomechanics instructor that can help you learn the best way to improve your swing.

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The Software Behind A Better Swing

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Golf may not have the intense physicality of football and basketball but it does involve strong muscles and good physical condition. From a scientific approach, golfers have a number of software products that give them feedback and analyze swing problems.

Avid golfers and casual golfers who are serious about improving their swing can find affordable golf analysis programs online to get started. These programs offer a different approach to the traditional practice often used to improve a golfer’s swing.

Video swing analysis programs require you to have a digital camera to record your swing. Once you upload the images to your computer you are provided with a wealth of information, analysis of your swing and advice on how to improve a faulty swing is given.

These programs are designed to judge distance the ball can travel and the projected trajectory.

Programs review the fundamentals of the swing and focus on biomechanics. Being able to see your swing instead of just visualizing can help you make immediate improvements to your technique. On screen bad posture, over swinging and problems with weight shifting are easy to identify.

To analyze your swing using golfing software you can play back different areas of the swing even slowing down frame by frame.

Compare different swings and even compare your swings to PGA players to find what errors you could be making during your swing and learn a different swing technique that could be more suited to your body type.

Programs with multiple versions allow you to use several different cameras to view your swing in different angles. Notice the position of your head at different angles; watch how your body swings through the arc as you swing your club.

Draw shapes to highlight problems with stance, body alignment, the movement of the club head, angles and movement of the hips and spine, even the movement of the ball.

Golf stimulators are another technology that can be used to analyze your golf swing. Real clubs and balls can be used indoors to have fun with the game. The accurate look of the game allows golfers to take the training learned in the stimulation and use it on the golf course as they take a swing.

Golf analysis software is user-friendly golfers with limited computer skills can easily operate the software to learn how to improve their golf swing.

At home, golf swing analysis software is affordable, with many programs offering a limited free trial, allowing you to test out the program and decide if it’s worth the investment. More high tech golf analysis software can be found at golf training centers.

Though it has a ton of uses golf swing software cannot replace the advice on an experienced professional.

For golfers who have no grasp of biomechanics, cannot keep their balance when taking a swing and have no understanding of the different parts that make up a swing lessons with a professional should be their first step. Use professional advice to understand what is going wrong with your swing and to fix the problem.

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