Are You Playing with the Right Golf Balls?

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Economics influence how people buy their golf balls.  You will probablybuy cheaper balls if you know that your game is not up to par.  You think those water holes are looking  a little ominous and you won’t mind losing a box of cheap balls.  If a few of them get lost in the ‘drink’ it won’t be as painful.

However, for peak performance, the golf balls you choose are crucial. The golf balls you choose can be as important to your game as the clubs you use.  Make sure that you have adequate equipment to carry around the course.

Match your golf balls to your swing and style of play. The best results will not be achieved if your style and golf balls are mismatched.

Golf balls may look alike but they are designed with specific purposes in mind. They are technologically advanced.

There are balls that range from beginner to pro. They are made for different skill levels and are designed specifically to match various playing styles. Balls have varying levels of spin and distance control. They are designed with different densities. The core of the balls and the covers on them determine these factors.

There are things you need to know before you consider buying a golf ball. First  you will need to know what your style of play is.

Then you will need to know what type of ball you need to maximize your performance. If you are still progressing through the game this will change over time. As you master new skills you will have to change the type of ball you use accordingly.

Spend some time with a golf pro if you are unsure about your style.  Let him or her watch you play some shots. Ask them their advice on which ball you should be using. They will be able to advise you on what balls you should buy.  If they are any good at their job they will be a tremendous help.

Some errors in your style of play may be corrected with good ball choice. The right ball for your style of play is essential.

There is a chance that the balls you are currently using are mismatched to your style of play. Or it may be the way you are hitting them. This is much more prevalent than many people understand.

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Improve Your Golf Swing and Save Money

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Every golfer wants to learn how to improve their golf swing, and depending on how much money a golfer is willing to invest there are a number of different options to choose from.From private instruction, to videos, books and software programs that teach golfers the fundamentals of the perfect swing and help them develop a more powerful swing.

Golfers who like the do-it-yourself approach can benefit from free online programs designed to help golfers learn the tips and tricks of improving their golf swings.

Free Online Aids

Youtube and MetaCafe offer hundreds of videos created by golf professionals to help you learn the best way of improving your swing. Practice right in front of the computer screen to learn to imitate and feel the difference in the correct swing.

Take care to only follow advice from golf instructors and other professionals since a number of videos created by amateurs can also be found on the web and using their advice could make a bad swing worse. Free eBooks and software online also help you better understand the mechanics behind the swing.

Go to eBay

If you are looking to buy the most expensive golf equipment around, take a moment and rethink that approach. There are tons of choices for golf balls, irons, woods, and other essential equipment.

You can choose to buy basic items for decent prices in the store but for equipment that is more expensive consider buying used to see if the price is really worth it. Buying used swing analysis tools, clubs with special grips and weighted clubs can save you tons of money.

These items are often sold in mint condition, usually by other casual golfers who spent too much money too soon! You can also choose to borrow equipment from friends who no longer have an interest in the sport or don’t mind sharing.

Watch and learn

No one can improve their game by just picking up the club and swinging. Watch the golf channel, observe professionals during matches.

Pay attention to their stance, feet placement, the arc they make as they swing the club, how they shift their weight between their knees and even how they turn their wrist when connecting with the ball.

Review their technique, stand up and practice their technique to see how it feels different from your normal swing.

Visit Play Golf America

Play Golf America a part of the PGA, offers a ton of free golf related activities throughout the year to get new players interested and help long term players keep from getting burned out. During Women’s Golf month, free golf lessons and clinics are provided to female golfers.

During free lessons month, golfers can get tips on improving their swing from PGA and LPGA golfers. With the free fitting and trade up month professional PGA professionals offer 15-minute equipment fitting sessions.

With custom fitted equipment golfers have a better grip on their club and increase their performance when swinging. The trade in program allows golfers to trade in used equipment for better prices on custom fitted new equipment.

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4 Pieces of Golf Equipment That Can Improve Your Swing

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Your golf swing can be influenced by the quality of the golfing equipment you have. If you want to make some serious improvements in your game, then its time you looked into these 4 pieces of equipment guaranteed to shave a few points of your score.

1. Weighted clubs: A weighted club offers one of the best ways to improve your swing as it gives you the correct feel for the backswing and downswing by adding resistance. The added weight of the club helps to train and make your muscles stronger.

When you switch back to a regular club, you will be able to feel the difference in the power you have during your swing. Around a dozen strokes at a time is adequate with the weighted club to help improve your swing or to act as a warm up.

Work through the motions of a swing slowly when using weighted clubs. Doing so will help to create a wider arc on the backswing, and help with getting the right tempo of the swing down.

The use of the club will help improve posture and provide better swing consistency for golfers. A molded grip helps remind the golfer of the correct position for the hands as they swing the club.

2. Golf clubs: No two golfers have the same body type so to improve your swing it may be time to invest in custom fitted clubs. Though fitted cubs cost more, most golfers will tell you the expense is worth it.

Clubs can be customized based on your swing speed, age and handicap; the custom fit gives a better grip, improves club head speed and is fitted to be the perfect height for the golfer. A custom club can also prevent a sliced ball that occurs because of a club being too flat.

3. Golf swing gloves: If you tend to have trouble with balls veering off to the side, the grip and wrist are typically the problem. Beginning golfers tend to flick their wrist at impact causing a shot to go wide instead of sending it straight down the line.

Golf swing gloves function as a wrist guide, keeping the grip stable and giving more power since the golfer does not force the grip tighter. By keeping the wrist in the right position, golfers keep pressure off their wrist.

4. Golf balls: Regardless of what you may have heard, the price of your ball does not matter. The only difference between cheap and expensive balls is how much they affect your bank account!

Golf is not a cheap game to play and there are a number of worthwhile expenses that can help you improve your swing but the cost of a dozen high tech balls is not a necessary investment for a beginner.

Wait a few months before going out and buying $30 golf balls. This allows you enough time to get a better feel for your swing, taking you to the point where your expensive golf balls don’t end up in the water.

For more experienced players a high-tech golf ball can be sound investment for reducing your handicap by a few points.

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Bagging Yourself a Good Golf Bag

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When it comes to playing golf, you need to be sure that you have a good and sturdy golf bag to carry around your equipment in. Golf bags come in many different types, sizes and styles of golf bags too! This is because everyone is different and every ones’ golfing needs are different too.

For the avid golfer, there are bags that are very large in order to carry all of your stuff like a full set of clubs. These bags come equipped with pockets especially made for golf balls, your clubs, golf tees and even your water bottle!

Another type of golf bag is the kind that you can roll around on wheels. This type of golf bag can save your back! Big, heavy golf bags can really wreck your back. These roller ones come with just as much room for all of your golf equipment just as much as any other golf bag.

Are the certain bags made especially for men and especially for women? Yes, there are! There are even golf bags that are made for children! What is different about these golf bags?

Bags that are made for men and women have certain color schemes. These are suited just for men and just for women. They have just as much room in them as any other golf bag out there.

Also, children’s golf bags are much smaller so that they can accommodate the child carrying it.

Another style of bag is the golf stand bags. These stand up so that your caddy doesn’t have to hold the bag upright. If you do not have a caddy, then it is even more helpful! No more bending over picking up the bag and hurting your back!

How much do golf bags cost? Golf bags can run from twenty-five dollars to three hundred and fifty-five dollars! It all depends on what type you get. The bigger the golf bag, the more it is going to cost.

It also depends on what brand of golf bag you choose to buy. If you happen to choose a brand that is considered a designer, or among the top brands, then you should expect to pay more for it.

Where can you look for a good golf bag? Of course a specialty golf store has a good and large variety. You can also look at sporting warehouse stores. These will also have a wide variety of golf bags to choose from.

Which place is better? Either one is great! However, going to a golfing warehouse may actually end up being cheaper.

Before you buy a golf bag, make sure you actually look at it in person. You do not want to purchase a golf bag online and choose one that is perfectly suited for you!

If you buy a golf bag online, you may have to return it. Returning any item, especially a golf bag, can be a real hassle. That is why it is a lot better to buy your golf bag in person.

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Add Variety to Your Practice

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Many golfers I see practice the same shots over and over again.  If it is an area that needs concentrated attention this is okay. A shot will get better the more you practice it.

Practicing a shot enough will allow you to virtually do it on autopilot when you are on the course. It is also important to remember that variety will help make you a better all around golfer.

Mastering as many techniques as possible will make you better on competition day. Try new techniques when your practice will help you do this.

Use different clubs or try different techniques along the way. Take the time to observe the results.

You should try adding some spin to the ball. Take note of how this affects it’s flight.

Get different type of golf balls. Pay attention to whether your level of expertise has changed.  Do different ball compressions to see if your skills allow you to get more benefits from them.

You should also consider testing out new golf clubs.  You will need to change your equipment as your game progresses.  Over time, you want to change the clubs you use.  You don’t want to continue playing with the clubs and golf balls you started with.

Getting better equipment will allow you to make shots that weren’t possible before. You will be able to progress to the next level with presence. At that time you can take advantage of this equipment.

Add more backspin to your shots. Observe to see if this helps position the ball better for the next shot. This many offer more control on faster course.

Practice time is an opportunity to experiment and try to broaden your game. This is a great time to experiment with shots. Begin able to add spin to the ball is very important. It might be the difference between hitting a tree and landing on the green.

When it comes to the game of golf you can never learn too much.

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