Myths about golf training exercises

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Golfing exercises have gained in popularity in recent years, though professionals know about these earlier. The game of golf, like all sports, can only really be played well if you keep your body well trained.

There are several techniques to practice perfect golf swing, but muscle balance and strength are required to swing the golf club perfectly. While many golfers are interested in knowing the best golfing exercises, there are several myths in the industry that deviate the attention from the important golfing exercises.

Golfing exercises are expensive

When someone hears the terms ‘exercise’ and ‘toning’, they believe that these steps are expensive. It is not that you have to go to a gym to do the golfing exercises.

When you have a proper personal trainer, he can teach you several golf exercises that can be done in the comfort of your home. Also, you don’t have to tire yourself out with these exercises for several hours.

A few hours per week on golfing exercises can give you great results that you could not have imagined. You can also find useful resources on the internet about the best golfing exercises.

The only thing that you need to buy is a pair of dumbbells to perform golfing exercises at home. These small traditional weights can bring about a lot of positive changes with your muscles that can really improve your golf game.

Strength training exercises are for body builders

The best part of golfing exercises is the strength training exercises that strengthen the muscles. These sorts of exercises are generally loved by body builders because training the muscles with weights will quickly tone them.

Without knowing the facts, several people assume that these exercises result in bulking up. Strength training along with increased calorie intake to build muscles will result in bulking up. But the dieting and exercising pattern for body builders are different from that of golfers.

Golfers need to perform strength training exercises to achieve flexibility and muscle balance, but you don’t need to consume the extra calories necessary for bodybuilding.

Resistance training will reduce golf performance

This popular myth belongs to those lazy golfers who just want to give excuses to miss out on the golfing exercises. When you practice your swing, you constantly use some muscle groups and with continuous practice, these groups will become tight.

On the other hand, the other muscles are kept idle and they become weak. This will result in muscle imbalance which will reduce your overall swing power.

By utilizing resistance training, all muscle groups are strengthened and made flexible. This will greatly help you to stretch your body and drive the ball with great power.

Use of weighted clubs can replace resistance training

Some golfers assume that the use of weighted clubs can improve their speed. This is total fallacy because if you want to drive the ball fast, you have to learn speed. You cannot drive the ball faster with weighted clubs and slower swings.

When golfers tee up, they will always try to blast the ball with 100% swing. The task becomes tough with weighted clubs and inflexible muscles. The weight and height of the clubs can be chosen according to your comfort level, but nothing can replace the effectiveness of resistance training.

Now you know a few of the myths around improving your golf you can avoid some of these pitfalls and find effective golf training exercises.

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Improve your golf performance with proper diet

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Just like any athlete or sports person, a golfer has to be fit. Though golf is less physically demanding than some sports, a golfer must have the necessary stamina to stay on the course for a long time. Body fitness can be achieved through proper diet and exercises.

While amateurs take more interest in training the body with golfing exercises, the concept of diet for a golfer is often overlooked. You cannot improve your stamina if you don’t follow a proper diet. For any sports person, a fit body is essential.

Proper golf nutrition is obtained when you eat ample amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and fat. Lot of vitamins and minerals are also needed to activate self repair system to strengthen strained muscles.

To gain instant energy, you should not rely on fast foods or energy drinks. A golfer needs a constant flow of energy throughout the game. Especially when you are playing tournaments, you have to avoid sweets.

Sugar has a tendency to increase the blood glucose level suddenly. This will give you sudden energy, but after some time, a great deal of energy will be lost. You need to have food that is balanced with all nutrients. Each of your meals should contain carbohydrates, protein and fat.

Carbohydrates are often overlooked, but you need carbs to supply energy constantly. Proteins are essential for your muscles. Fat should come from good sources such as ily fish and fried foods should be avoided completely.

You should not eat heavily just before you play, but your breakfast should be rich in all essential nutrients. Excited golfers tend to skip their meals to reach the course early. This is a very bad practice and it will have adverse effects on your game play.

You must eat a balanced meal at least two hours before you play. Don’t experiment with new foods before you play. Prepare your meals with those foods that yu already know suit your body.

Healthy snacking is essential for a golfer. Experts suggest eating 6 meals a day that comprises of two or three big meals and three to four snacks. If you are playing long tournaments such as a 72-hole game, you should snack frequently.

You don’t have to prepare heavy foods for your snack. Some fruits, vegetables, and nuts are enough to supply the energy you need. Take a break, perhaps after 9 holes, to snack lightly.

Hydration is important for a golfer. Always keep your body hydrated before, during and after the game. Loss of weight due to dehydration will have a negative impact on your game. Drink plenty of plain water to hydrate your body.

Drinks such as alcohol and soda are to be avoided as these drinks just dehydrate your body. You can drink fruit juices at any time to hydrate and feel energetic. Avoid using sugar in fruit juices. Beverage carts that you see on the course are not healthy choices.

When you have decided to spend your day on playing golf, make sure that you carry a snack bag. Your bag should contain plenty of water bottles, fruits, vegetables and nuts. That should keep you feeling healthy and happy and at the peak of your game on the golf course.

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