Are You Still Thinking about Your Last Shot?

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Will where the golf ball goes be determined by the last shot this time?
The shot that many people have just played will have a major impact on their next shot. This sounds strange but it is the case in many instances.

To get a decided advantage over the competition, the golf player should forget about that shot. Switching the mind off of the last shot will help the golf player move on.

Many golfers let their previous performance affect the rest their game. You don’t want to be one of them. You need to retrain your mind to do more for your game. This will help more than all the tuition that any golf pro can give you.

Tiger Woods has played winning shots from out of the rough many times.  How many major tournaments have we seen him come from behind to win.  Other players will never write Tiger off if he is not having a good game.

They don’t count him out because they know that they have the mind power to put everything behind him.  By doing this all the subsequent strokes are keenly focused on winning the tournament.

Shots are duffed even the best golfers in the world on occasion. However, the way they handle these situations is a major reason why they are at the top of their game.

They don’t allow the rest of their game to be impacted by early mistakes. That’s because they know that if they do, they will have no chance of recovery.

The most powerful influences on your game are am your mind and thoughts you allow to have. This impacts a number of areas of play. It is quite often the downfall of so many golfers who could be better than their handicap suggests.

Take the time to consider hat addition tension in your body can cause. Consider what happens when you are thinking about the last shot.

You use every up thinking about how much better your next shot has t take to compensate for your error. The possibility of a great shot can be diminished by the tension it translate into your swing.

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