A Few Putting Tips

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How many times have you been frustratingly close to sinking a putt only to come up short?
Perhaps you have only just missed the hole. You probably had to watch your ball go sailing past. Adding in too much distance for the return putt.

Many games have been lost on the putting green. Most of the time this is because the wrong distance is used, instead of the direction of the ball.

Even on sloping greens most beginners quickly get a feel for the direction the ball will travel.

You may have seen it yourself. A newcomer to the game puts the ball within inches of the hole on a sloping green. Time and time again they fail.

The ball stopping a few inches from the hole when they miss is something you won’t see quite as often.

When determining the distance a ball with travel on the green there are as many factors to consider. A ball will travel on the green, from the slope, to the preparation of the green and whether it is wet and slow or dry and fast.

It can make a huge difference depending on the time of day. Greens get faster as they dry off in the afternoon sun.

To really get your ball to drop into that hole you need to concentrate on the distance of the putt. Reading the distance is very important.

Once again, the way that you play all comes back to practice. There is no better way to practice than on the day of the tournament in the conditions that you will be playing in.

Have a few practice putts before you start playing. Always take some time to “dial in” your distance.

There is one thing that you must always remember. If the golf ball does not reach the hole it will never drop.

This seems too obvious to even need to be mentioned, but many people to remember this. More often than not putts will always come up short.

You should always aim for the back of the cup. That way, provided you have your direction right, you are going to have a chance of making the putt.

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A Unique Putting Tip

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To improve your technique use this simple technique.

You need to learn to putt on the flat before you can expect to putt well on greens with a slope.

By practicing this you will be able to swing your putter though a straight line. This will enable you to hit the ball squarely on the face of the putter.

There is another good technique you can use when practicing on the green. Mark straight lines with a builders chalk line in several directions from the center of the hole spanning out around the green.  You will want to do this to one that you have at home since this technique wouldn’t be appreciated in public.

To make the process easier you should get someone to hold the chalk line at the center of the cup.

To leave chalk marks along the ground you must move around the green flicking line.  After that place your golf ball on the line and leave some of the line on the ground visible behind the ball. Your swing will be guided by that.

Swing your putter using the line on the ground as a guide.  You should line up the putter itself to connect with the center of the ball.

You will manage to putt in a very short time. From a relatively good distance you will be able to get the ball in the hole most of time.

Consistency and correct posture will help start to putt better.

Move the ball off the line after doing this from a different position on the green. Visualize that there is still a line on the ground by creating it in your mind. Look from the ball to the cup and back again several times.

You should line your putter up as before and look at the line on your putter. To hit center of the ball with this spot on your club.

You should now retrain yourself to see an invisible line from the ball to the cup. This will help you be able to use it on any green you play on.

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