Are You Playing with the Right Golf Balls?

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Economics influence how people buy their golf balls.  You will probablybuy cheaper balls if you know that your game is not up to par.  You think those water holes are looking  a little ominous and you won’t mind losing a box of cheap balls.  If a few of them get lost in the ‘drink’ it won’t be as painful.

However, for peak performance, the golf balls you choose are crucial. The golf balls you choose can be as important to your game as the clubs you use.  Make sure that you have adequate equipment to carry around the course.

Match your golf balls to your swing and style of play. The best results will not be achieved if your style and golf balls are mismatched.

Golf balls may look alike but they are designed with specific purposes in mind. They are technologically advanced.

There are balls that range from beginner to pro. They are made for different skill levels and are designed specifically to match various playing styles. Balls have varying levels of spin and distance control. They are designed with different densities. The core of the balls and the covers on them determine these factors.

There are things you need to know before you consider buying a golf ball. First  you will need to know what your style of play is.

Then you will need to know what type of ball you need to maximize your performance. If you are still progressing through the game this will change over time. As you master new skills you will have to change the type of ball you use accordingly.

Spend some time with a golf pro if you are unsure about your style.  Let him or her watch you play some shots. Ask them their advice on which ball you should be using. They will be able to advise you on what balls you should buy.  If they are any good at their job they will be a tremendous help.

Some errors in your style of play may be corrected with good ball choice. The right ball for your style of play is essential.

There is a chance that the balls you are currently using are mismatched to your style of play. Or it may be the way you are hitting them. This is much more prevalent than many people understand.

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Improve Your Game With Golfing Shoes

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A simple trick to improve your golf swing is to invest in the right golf shoes. When getting into the right position for a golf swing, all parts of your body have to be in proper alignment including your feet.

Many beginning golfers quickly realize that their feet tend to shift and throw off their balance when they swing. A decent pair of golf shoes is an affordable purchase, with name brand golfing shoes by Nike, Addidas, Foot Joy and other brands offering high-quality shoes for less than a $100.

Golfing shoes offer a fashionable design as well with options for men, women and children.

Most golfing shoes come with soft spikes or special soles to provide traction. Though some golfers may choose to play in regular sneakers, golf shoes are designed to be lighter and provider better arch support a necessity when walking around a golf course for several hours.

Arch support also assists golfers with following through and connecting with the ball without their feet slipping from under them. Giving golfers the flexibility needed when shifting their weight back and forth between their feet.

Though metal spikes can be found on some golfing shoes these should be avoided since they can damage the turf and are not allowed at some clubs.

Anyone who has ever played on slippery grass or in wet conditions can appreciate how easy it is for your feet to slip on the backswing. The spikes keep your position stable, giving you the confidence to widen your hip stance and work up the power on your backswing.

They allow your hips to stay where you want them, instead of sliding too far forward, a position that causes a golfer to compensate during the downswing and losing the power in their swing.

Their are different types of golf shoes available to choose from, with everything from leather to suede and plastic. Golfers should get a proper fitting to ensure the right size and wear socks during the fitting to be sure that the shoes will wear comfortably when on the golf course.

A visit to any local sporting goods store should offer a range of sneakers to choose from. Golfers who are serious about improving their swing should do a little research to see what brands the professionals wear.

Though a professional golfer may be getting an endorsement deal no golfer would risk missing a shot by wearing golfing shoes that didn’t get them results.

Golfing sandals and boots are additional options to consider. Whatever you choose try them on to make sure that their comfortable. When it comes to golf, you could be playing for hours so make sure you have on shoes that help improve your game and your swing.

Most beginning golfers don’t invest much money in golf clothing, if you choose to buy a few items buy them slightly loser than those you normally wear. Your clothing should not restrict your movements, but allow you to bend and flex through the swing.

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4 Tips to Improving Your Game Every Golfer Should Try

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Beyond helping you look stylish on the green, golfing equipment includes a number of products designed just to help you work on getting a better and more consistent swing.

Beginners and professionals alike can learn the best swing techniques and by making constant use of golf swing equipment they can ensure that they don’t forget the progress made and revert to their former swing mistakes.

1. Go to the gym:
If you want to take your swing to the next level, then you should be in the gym. Professional golfers develop their upper and lower bodies in the gym to get better power and stay flexible.

Weight lifting and proper stretching are important for the golfers’ body. Dumbbells are a great way of improving the strength of your grip, full body stretching keeps muscles limber and can help your muscles have the flexibility needed to work through a full swing.

The core is responsible for carrying the power of movement in golf; build up the core of your body with exercises that work on the front, back and sides.

2. Check your swing speed: Swing speed analyzers allow you to test how fast your swing is and choose the right equipment based on it. High tech swing speed analyzers can be found at sporting good stores. Less expensive versions can be purchased for indoor use and use on the course.

Personal swing analyzers user radar technology to measure the club as it passes by and provides an accurate speed based on club type and club head speed. Having an accurate measure of your speed allows you to determine your best swing style and help consistently maintain speed when hitting balls.

3. Try out a different grip: Your grip should be solid with the majority of the hold in the fingers not the palms. Men have stronger wrist and benefit most from an overlapping grip, where the pinkie on the right hand overlaps the index finger of the left hand.

An interlocking grip is a better choice for women since their hands are smaller, but the grip is also a good choice for those with thicker hands.

For an interlocking grip left index and right pinkie, interlock. The baseball grip though rarely used at a professional level can help beginners as they develop their wrist and arm strength and help reduce fatigue. For the baseball grip the left index and right pinkie touch but do not overlap.

4. Try a training aide:
All golf training aides are good for retooling the fundamentals and helping golfers concentrate better when swinging. Before purchasing equipment try out in the store, many sporting goods stores allow you to demo golfing equipment.

A weighted club and custom fitted equipment can help your swing. Training aids can help you feel the correct grip, get into the right swing plane, understand the tempo and release of the ball.

The valuable tools that can bring about big improvements in your game helping you to prevent slices, hooks and other common mistakes made following through with an incorrect swing.

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Tips to play consistent golf

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Playing better golf is not just about swinging perfectly, driving long, smooth irons or backspin or better putting. A good player needs all these capabilities and the game play has to be consistent. If you are in the phase of improving the way you play golf, take care that you concentrate on playing consistent game.

You have to first devise a plan that comprises of all the golfing steps that work for you. Arriving at this golfing plan is not easy and it requires a lot of effort. It is not impossible either. You have to work with your golf instructor and identify what works for you.

To develop consistent game on the course, you have to learn to treat the results equally. If you know what works for you, practice the same on the course irrespective of the results. Sometimes, your golf plan may lead to bad shots, but never give up something that works for you on account of a few bad shots.

For most golfers, the secret of success is with the grip in the right hand. Some golfers put too much stress on the right hand which will give negative results. For better release, keep your right hand relaxed and let it go in harmony with the golf swing.

Practicing is essential if you want to play a consistent game. Practice as many swings as you want until you memorize the success recipe and you build up a muscle memory of how it feels to play that particular shot.

You have to do this before every game. When you have the recipe in your mind, you have to execute it well to win the game.

It is important to simulate real situations when you practice shots. In your practice area, try the shots with the same ball and practice as many ups and downs as possible.

Many golfers take care over their game, but miss the condition of their clubs. If you have been playing with your clubs for quite some time, check whether they are in good condition. Sometimes, changing worn out clubs can bring you great results.

Putting is often a problem for golfers, which prevents consistent results. You have to choose a spot that is less than three feet from the hole in the case of long putts. Then you can putt aggressively to get to the target. Even if you have putt very hard, you will be no more than two feet from the target in most cases.

Lie is important for any golfer. Professionals have a decent lie that helps them play excellent shots. Even in short game shots, have more attention on your lie to develop a consistent game play.

A good pre-shot routine is very essential for every golf aficionado. This involves three steps where you pick your target, visualize the shot and prepare for the best shot.

When you don’t have this routine and hit the ball on the go, you will have many bad shots. You have to be patient when you play competitive games. Always think about the process of the shots and don’t get too over-excited about the outcomes.

These few tips will help you to play the best rounds of golf that you can.

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3 essentials that you need to know to play perfect golf shots every time

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Golf is an exciting game in which, every step you take can increase or decrease your chances of winning. Those who see golf as a tense competition will not be likely to succeed because of the tension and stress that automatically builds up when you have the scores in your mind.

You have to play a relaxing game concentrating on your shots without worrying about the results and money. Golf is easy and fun if you know the three essentials that help you deliver perfect shots every time. You have to focus your attention on all three to play a good game on the golf course.

1. Knowledge about the course – Before you play on any course, you have to know about the course. The golf course has sand, grass, and sometimes tall trees. You need to know the topography of the course so that you can plan even before you drive the ball.

Many golfers have the habit of hitting the ball harder so that the ball is driven much farther. This is not a professional approach because you don’t know what your next shot will be. Sometimes, your ball may be near the hole or you may end up with a fried egg.

2. Pre-Shot routine – You might have heard from the experts about the importance of a pere-shot routine. This routine is as simple as a success recipe. Your brain knows what works for you and when you are on course, you have to execute the recipe to play a successful shot.

The pre shot routine comprises of step by step instructions that allow you to focus your attention on the ball and then swing perfectly. This can be achieved only after good practice.

3. The actual shot – Even though you have a routine, it is the shot that determines your actual game play. When you know the course, you know the shot that you have to play.

Your mind works faster to determine pre-shot routine to execute the actual shot. Now, you have to stretch your body and coordinate it with your mind to play the shot. It is at this point that your body works in harmony with your mind.

Golf requires you to be mentally and physically fit. The above three essentials can help you only if you are fully concentrated on your game. Also, your body should be in a condition to listen to your mind and act accordingly.

When you have your mind on work etc., you cannot concentrate properly on the game. Even though you play for fun, you should give it your full attention when you play golf.

Physical fitness is equally important to mental health. Many golfers complain of problems with their tight muscles when they play.

You have to take steps to tone your muscles using golf exercises that consist of stretching and resistance training workouts. If you are ready physically and mentally, then you have to practice all the shots following the above three steps in that order to dominate the golf course.

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Are You Still Thinking about Your Last Shot?

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Will where the golf ball goes be determined by the last shot this time?
The shot that many people have just played will have a major impact on their next shot. This sounds strange but it is the case in many instances.

To get a decided advantage over the competition, the golf player should forget about that shot. Switching the mind off of the last shot will help the golf player move on.

Many golfers let their previous performance affect the rest their game. You don’t want to be one of them. You need to retrain your mind to do more for your game. This will help more than all the tuition that any golf pro can give you.

Tiger Woods has played winning shots from out of the rough many times.  How many major tournaments have we seen him come from behind to win.  Other players will never write Tiger off if he is not having a good game.

They don’t count him out because they know that they have the mind power to put everything behind him.  By doing this all the subsequent strokes are keenly focused on winning the tournament.

Shots are duffed even the best golfers in the world on occasion. However, the way they handle these situations is a major reason why they are at the top of their game.

They don’t allow the rest of their game to be impacted by early mistakes. That’s because they know that if they do, they will have no chance of recovery.

The most powerful influences on your game are am your mind and thoughts you allow to have. This impacts a number of areas of play. It is quite often the downfall of so many golfers who could be better than their handicap suggests.

Take the time to consider hat addition tension in your body can cause. Consider what happens when you are thinking about the last shot.

You use every up thinking about how much better your next shot has t take to compensate for your error. The possibility of a great shot can be diminished by the tension it translate into your swing.

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Improve Your Golf Swing and Save Money

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Every golfer wants to learn how to improve their golf swing, and depending on how much money a golfer is willing to invest there are a number of different options to choose from.From private instruction, to videos, books and software programs that teach golfers the fundamentals of the perfect swing and help them develop a more powerful swing.

Golfers who like the do-it-yourself approach can benefit from free online programs designed to help golfers learn the tips and tricks of improving their golf swings.

Free Online Aids

Youtube and MetaCafe offer hundreds of videos created by golf professionals to help you learn the best way of improving your swing. Practice right in front of the computer screen to learn to imitate and feel the difference in the correct swing.

Take care to only follow advice from golf instructors and other professionals since a number of videos created by amateurs can also be found on the web and using their advice could make a bad swing worse. Free eBooks and software online also help you better understand the mechanics behind the swing.

Go to eBay

If you are looking to buy the most expensive golf equipment around, take a moment and rethink that approach. There are tons of choices for golf balls, irons, woods, and other essential equipment.

You can choose to buy basic items for decent prices in the store but for equipment that is more expensive consider buying used to see if the price is really worth it. Buying used swing analysis tools, clubs with special grips and weighted clubs can save you tons of money.

These items are often sold in mint condition, usually by other casual golfers who spent too much money too soon! You can also choose to borrow equipment from friends who no longer have an interest in the sport or don’t mind sharing.

Watch and learn

No one can improve their game by just picking up the club and swinging. Watch the golf channel, observe professionals during matches.

Pay attention to their stance, feet placement, the arc they make as they swing the club, how they shift their weight between their knees and even how they turn their wrist when connecting with the ball.

Review their technique, stand up and practice their technique to see how it feels different from your normal swing.

Visit Play Golf America

Play Golf America a part of the PGA, offers a ton of free golf related activities throughout the year to get new players interested and help long term players keep from getting burned out. During Women’s Golf month, free golf lessons and clinics are provided to female golfers.

During free lessons month, golfers can get tips on improving their swing from PGA and LPGA golfers. With the free fitting and trade up month professional PGA professionals offer 15-minute equipment fitting sessions.

With custom fitted equipment golfers have a better grip on their club and increase their performance when swinging. The trade in program allows golfers to trade in used equipment for better prices on custom fitted new equipment.

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